Dominique Pollès

Art historian and novelist Maurice Rheims, who administered the estate of Pablo Picasso wrote:


“As I have said and written before, I consider Pollès to be one of the most outstanding sculptors of our time. The more often I see his figures, the more I am enchanted by them: it is as though they had been exposed to wind and weather under the waterfalls of Tivoli since the moment of their creation, evoking lips and torsos and bursting with desire and rejoicing. 


This gives an idea of the visual and sensual pleasure offered to strollers in the Bagatelle park who, time and again, walk fascinated around his ‘Yterbine’, ‘Aspasie' and ‘Nathaniel’ and in demonstration of his creative genius Pollès handles his patinated bronzes with the same ease and assurance as he does his work in marble. Many artists have been influenced by the powerful, undulating sculpture created by Pollès that his work is worthy of particular attention”.


Maurice Rheims

Member of the Académie Française