Wesley Neal Rasko

Glass, a medium most cannot associate fluidity and flexibility with, is what Wesley finds to be the most romantic. Experimenting and playing with the idea of 'contrast' regarding colour, feeling, texture and transparency; his glass sculptures are made of painted and laminated float glass, cast glass, optical crystal and exotic stone. The glass pieces are then hand ground and polished to their final brilliance. His inspiration comes firstly from emotions, inter-personal relations and the world he reveres living in. 


“Glass is a chaotic and delicate material to work with, but one of great reward. I want my art to represent the individual in me. It is often hard to find a balance in life, and not just focus on one thing. I strive at being patient, detailed and precise; spending a lot of time planning and sketching before I actually start making a sculpture. I like to be alone when I create, unblemished by distractions or negativity, allowing the love, peace and harmony of the universe to penetrate my inner self. The feeling of agape when contriving a new sculpture, of total originality and exclusivity, is pure and consuming love. Agape also manifests itself as enthusiasm, which in turn carries me towards my goal”


Upon beginning his creative life as a glass artist Wesley worked primarily with painted, laminated, ground and polished glass to create his sculptural objects. In the past few years this process has taken a new shape and form; He has begun to experiment with new ways of bringing life and uniqueness to his work by adding complexity within the creative process and simplicity within the design. By using cast glass, optical glass, granite, wood, and other materials of contrast he has dived deeper into the positive observations he senses, bringing a more harmonious and true object to his life.