Sabrina Cant

Born in Chelmsford Essex in 1977 Sabrina received her MA from The Royal College of Art in 2004.  She works from her Twickenham studio on the Eel Pie Island and is currently the visiting glass lecturer at the UCA in Farnham.


“Inspired by Celestial bodies and the natural world, I use colour to achieve effects that are subtle, harmonious and occasionally mysterious, my affinity with my habitat and space is often explored. Specific colour combinations are carefully selected and arranged. I approach my glass sculptures in an unusual way, more akin to an artist painting an oil where I return again and again to layer more depths, only my canvas consists of a 3 dimensional transparent space.  I cast coloured sections, polish and then assemble them ready to be cast or fused, if necessary up to 5 firings until the desired effect has been achieved. My forms are usually abstract (such as the cubes) where the layers of colour have been carefully considered to gain the right level of glow from within the geometry. My current work incorporates a combination of techniques and skills developed from 15 years experience".


Recently Sabrina has been selected for two of the most prestigious exhibitions in contemporary glass, The International Exhibition of Glass Kanazawa 2013 and The Coburg Prize for Contemporary Glass 2014.