Bruno Romanelli

Bruno Romanelli (b.1968) has over 30 years of experience working with glass, Bruno discovered glass whilst at Staffordshire Polytechnic back in the late 80’s, and subsequently went on to study at the Royal College of Art from where he graduated in 1995. Since then he has lived and worked in London where he currently runs his own workshop in South London. 


Bruno Romanelli made his name creating figurative glass sculptures, often incorporating body casts of his own body. For the last 15 years though, his work has focused on more abstract ideas which explore relationships between form, colour, light and material. With work in many major collections worldwide, including The Victoria & Albert Museum in London, Bruno is recognised as a leading contemporary in his field.


Using the principles of Form, Colour and Light, Bruno’s quest is to achieve a perfect combination of these three fundamental elements within glass. Geometry, symmetry, balance, precision & harmony are all underlying themes within the work. The control of light and colour combined with material qualities such as transparency, translucency and opacity are central to the work as is the relationship and balance of the individual elements. It is this combination of light, colour, form, material and their relationship that creates harmony and energy within the work. He uses many processes and techniques in the production of his work, in particular the lost-wax method of casting glass. The simplicity of the work belies the many complex processes and techniques employed in making each piece.